Abandoned Berlin | Documentary

Abandoned buildings and places awaken a curious fascination in us. The documentary ‘Abandoned Berlin’ goes deep into the abandoned buildings and places of a city that seems to forget part of its recent history and hide from its citizens and tourists, in order to learn about these places that are frozen in time and equally covert and magic.

A building is never built with the idea that one day it will be obsolete, but sooner or later they all reach their decline. Abandoned places hide in their details, interrupted stories and a disdain that can arouse empathy or different emotions depending on the visitor. Should we rehabilitate spaces and dignify their history? Move on and build new chimeras, or maintain their evolution in time so as to not truncate their magical elements?

Ciarán Fahey is a curious Irishman living in Berlin who has been telling the hidden history of the abandoned buildings and places of the German city, as well as how to reach them. With Ciarán as a guide, the documentary Abandoned Berlin visits landscapes as romantic to some as they are despised by others, reflecting on their existence and wondering about their uncertain future.

After World War II, Berlin emerged as a big city to rebuild. Today, it hides places frozen in time meters away from its tourist routes. A city with a turbulent recent history that has yet to close the wounds and walls that divided it not so long ago. A visible part of these wounds are these abandoned places.

Abandoned places found in the documentary

A theme park with extinct dinosaurs. It first opened in 1969, abandoned since 2001.
Learn its crazy history | Pictures

Flugplatz Johannisthal
The second oldest airport in the world was used by the Nazis in their crazy crusade. Opened in 1909, abandoned since 1995.
Fly to other times | Pictures

Zombie Hospital
An old children’s hospital, not for the fainthearted. It opened in 1911 and was abandoned in 1997.
Scary stories | Pictures

An abandoned American espionage station built in the midst of the cold war. Opened in 1963, abandoned since 1992.
Tune the antenna | Pictures

Berlin’s historic airport, one of the largest buildings in the world. Opened in 1926, abandoned since 2008.
Ready for take-off | Pictures

The documentary in the press

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